Executive Master’s Programmes “Our portfolio of Executive Master’s Programmes puts particular emphasis on accounting and finance, such as our part-time Chartered Accountant (RA) and Chartered Controller (RC) postgraduate programme. Both are vocational education programmes for people with a bachelor’s or master’s degree in accounting and several years of work experience. What differentiates our international Executive Master of Finance and Control (iEMFC) is the exclusive collaboration with the Dutch Association of Registered Controllers (NBA-VRC). This makes our programme very popular with accountants and controllers working for multinationals. As with all programmes offered by Maastricht University, also our focus is not on education alone, but on collaborative learning. This difference significantly contributes to the quality of our programmes.” Philip Vergauwen Director international Executive Master Finance & Control (iEMFC) Coaching Sessions “Coaching is an integral part of all our programmes, but we also offer independent coaching sessions to organisations, teams, and individuals. Coaching entails reflecting on your own behaviour and developing an openness to embrace feedback from coach and third parties. This allows you to gain a better understanding of yourself and your behaviour, which often results in new perspectives that can then be further explored. At the same time coaching is more than just a journey of self-discovery; it also involves an exploration of the concrete steps you can take to seize opportunities at hand. A coaching session is very personal, so people come to us with a great variety of questions: ‘How can I get other people involved with my ideas’, ‘What is the next step in my career?’, ‘How can I enhance my impact?’ Or ‘How do I find a balance between my personal and professional life?’ Silvie Vonk Executive Programme Coordinator/Manager Opportunities to develop your talent MBA Programmes • Modular Executive MBA • Euro MBA International Projects • European Management Residency Executive Master’s Programmes Dutch / English English Language Language English • International Executive Master in Business Services • Postdoctorale Opleiding tot Registercontroller (EMFC) • Postdoctorale Opleiding tot Registeraccountant (MURA) • International Executive Master of Finance and Control (iEMFC) • Leergang Business Control • International Executive Master of Auditing (IEMA) • Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) programme • Executive Master of IT Governance & Assurance Management Courses Management Essentials • Management Essentials Programme • Project Management • Financial Management • Change Management • Strategic Management • Effective Leadership • Corporate Social Responsibility • Marketing Profit Revisited • Masterclass Management Control in de praktijk • Financial Management • Barcelona Finance & Control Campus Leadership and Sustainable Development • Your Leadership in Transition: Ghana Health • Strategic Management in health care Customised Programmes Examples: Language English Dutch Dutch English Dutch English English English Language Dutch Dutch Dutch Dutch Dutch Dutch Dutch Dutch Dutch Dutch Dutch • Purchasing Leadership Programme (NEVI-3) English English Dutch • Developing leaders in Business Services • Business Strategy Programme • World of Pensions • Collaborative Project Performance by people More options on: www.maastrichtuniversity4professionals.nl Dutch / English Language 11 Pagina 10

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