Added value ‘‘To be of immediate added value guides everything we do. Today’s most pressing questions lies at the junction of innovation, entrepeneurship, change and leadership. Executive development has become a learner led on the job process, focused on behavior but including theory and best practices to deepen understanding of a situation and provide a range of perspectives and insights. Theory and best practices are both immediately applicable and focused on impact. We create net worked learning environments and view ourselves as the proverbial spider in the web.’’ Maurice Olivers (LL.M) Director Executive Education and Business Development Value Exchange “For almost 10 years, Maastricht University has been the learning partner for Vodafone’s prestigious international Business Strategy Course. The learning environment, academic excellence and the ability to find the alignment with the needs of our top talents acting in a demanding and rapidly changing business environment, are for us true assets in the partnership with the school.” Francesco Bianco HR director Vodafone Netherlands 6 Pagina 5

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