Connecting people Management Courses “Especially the combination of academic knowledge and practical experience makes for truly interesting discussions.” Peggy Huibers Panbo Systems “The open enrolment courses are a great way to expand or add a specialisation, sharpen your management skills, and further develop your leadership qualities. Most professionals come to us with the following questions and ambitions: ‘What does it entail to build an effective and relevant strategy?’ (Strategic Management) change processes and into what I can do to influence these? (Change Management ) Or: ‘I would like to gain more insight into the development of “I would like to acquire a different perspective on marketing and learn how to develop markets in different ways? (Marketing) Inspiring The common thread running through all of our programmes are the individual case studies and the final assignments. These allow for the application of insights acquired during the sessions and the simultaneous development of practical skills. Participants find this combination of sharing practical experiences and gaining academic insights most useful. That’s what makes this course so valuable.” Silvie Vonk Executive Programmes Coordinator / Manager The organisation of open enrolment courses and customised programmes “As a coordinator you are responsible for the practical organisation of a programme. You take care of the registration, act as a link between the faculty and the participants, and arrange all necessary programme logistics. You do this in close collaboration with the programme manager, who is responsible for the content of the programme with the objective to create an optimal learning environment for participants. In our customised programmes we conduct all programme related organisation for our clients. This ensures the delivery of an aligned, high quality experience. For example in looking for a location we always seek a suitable and inspiring location that complements the content. In that way, location adds to quality and efficacy of the programme.” Ingrid Wesselingh and Marion Hameleers Executive Programme Coordinators 10 Pagina 9

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