Personal Leadership Development Trajectory “Our Leadership Development Trajectory distinguishes us from other universities and business schools. This trajectory is an integral part of the MBA curriculum and focuses on the development of effective management and leadership skills in a personal and inspiring way. Only by working on these skills and incorporating them throughout the curriculum you can transform academic knowledge into results-oriented actions. Leadership challenges at work and in daily life form the core of this tailor-made track, offered in an interactive learning environment that includes coaching, peer review, and training. The Leadership Development Trajectory serves as a unique signature of our MBA programmes.” Dr. Ursula Glunk Coordinator Leadership Development Trajectory International International Projects European Management Residency “To expose participants to a European perspective on a changing world and teach them how to use this knowledge in the analyses and solving of organisational problems in their own national context: that is what we do in European Management Residency. During a residency, participants learn about aspects of European business operations and leader behaviour through interactive lectures, discussion forums, company visits, workshops, training programmes, and participation in cultural projects. The European Management Residency in Maastricht is a tailor-made programme and is intended for groups of master, postgraduate and MBA students enrolled in business schools and universities around the world. A world class programme according to the partner schools that visit us each year.” Pia Camardese International Projects Coordinator 8 Pagina 7

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