Partnership Customised Programmes “Organisations come to us with questions like: ‘How can we build connections between departments in order to better utilise our talents for the benefit of our current and future clients?’ Or: ‘How can we help our staff focus on the needs of clients without losing sight of operational efficiency?’ Together with the organisation we analyse how a tailormade programme can contribute to answering their question. After an initial meeting and needs analysis, we create a programme together with the client, of course keeping their budget in mind. A programme usually consists of a combination of experiential learning, exposure to theory and e-learning in interactive formal and informal settings. Action learning projects often form the driving force behind the learning process. We constantly monitor the implementation of the programme. It is important to us that our programmes provide immediate added value to the individuals involved and contribute to solving the challenges the organisation faces.” Ingrid Voncken , MSc Programme Manager “In the preliminary phase of this programme, the Maastricht University School of Business and Economics paid close attention to the whys and hows. This approach immediately boosted confidence.” Henk Beyer APG Forward Thinking 9 Pagina 8

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